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CohnChem Scientific

About us

Cohnchem Scientificis a research-driven and customer-focused chemical company located in Northamptonshire England.We specialize in the synthesis of complex organic compounds, route-selection and early process optimization. Our services include the synthesis of natural products, bioactive or designed derivatives, API intermediates, reference compounds, process or formulation related impurities etc.

We offer R&D support to biotec, pharmaceutical, chemical &agrochemical companies, as well as, research institutes.We perform Custom Synthesis frommilligram up to 1 kilogram quantity, and we offer wide range R&D support services operating as your R&D partner.

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality, timely and extremely cost effective service to our clients. We value the customer relationship the most and strive to fulfill the requirements of the contracting company and to maintain the confidentiality of the work we do. We pledge regular and prompt Scientist-to-Scientist interaction and Good Documentation Practices.

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Tel: +44(0)2037693327

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